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Radical trannies & queers, join the Bash Back! Upstate NY list!

Bash Back! Upstate NY

Please repost to any radical trannies & queers in the region!

Join the Bash Back! Upstate NY list!

On the street: Four Detained and One Arrested at Bash Back!
Demonstration Against
Human Rights Campaign, Tuesday, 8/26 at the DNC Protests in Denver

Hey radical trannies, queers, & anarcha-feminists across Upstate New York!
Its time we Bash Back!

Announcing the launch of the Upstate NY Bash Back! List serv, a
networking tool for rebellious trannies, queers, and anarcha-feminists
across Upstate New York. For the actions against the Democratic &
Republican National Conventions and beyond, lets make history right
now in our collective liberation and raise the resistance!

Participants from the Upstate Uprise Unconventional Action Faction and
the Syracuse Solidarity Network are thrilled to invite all
anti-authoritarian queermos who agree with the points of unity to join
up and build communication, coordination and mutual aid across our
corner of stolen land.

Even if you can't make it to the Conventions, this is a great way to
stay plugged in, show solidarity, and support Bash Back! News by
passing on info. When revolutionary trannies, queers and
anarcha-feminists transform the streets of Denver, CO against the
Democrats and the Twin Cities, MN against the Republicans, our love
and rage is with them!

Let us know what's going down in your town, listen & share your ideas;
lets start a conversation on how anti-authoritarian trannies, queers
and anarcha-feminists can have each other's backs across the region.
Share announcements, events, news, resources, projects, and fun from
your town on the list.

People are also encouraged to proclaim local, autonomous chapters of
Bash Back! & use the list as a networking hub and informal group. The
Points of Unity are listed below.

Join here:

Neither their war nor their peace, neither our silence nor their tolerance!
Only one direction: trans and queer insurrection!

Bash Back! Upstate NY


Members of Bash Back! must agree to:

1. Fight for liberation. Nothing more, nothing less. State recognition
in the form of oppressive institutions such as marriage and militarism
are not steps toward liberation but rather towards heteronormative

2. A rejection of Capitalism, Imperialism, and all forms of State power.

3. Actively oppose oppression both in and out of the "movement." All
oppressive behavior is not to be tolerated.

4. Respect a diversity of tactics in the struggle for liberation. Do
not solely condemn an action on the grounds that the State deems it to
be illegal.

Bash Back! News

Bash Back! DNC/RNC Calls to Action

DNC: Queers Against Capitalism! Trannies for Tumultuousness!
GenderFuck the RNC!
Bash Back! Painting RNC Sector 5 Punk and Blue

Trans Health Advocates Needed for RNC Protests
RNC Housing

National Listserve:

Bash Back! Chicago

Bash Back! Denver

Bash Back! Memphis:

Bash Back! Milwaukee

Bash Back! Upstate NY

Upstate Uprise Unconventional Action Faction

Syracuse Solidarity Network

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